Tools of the Trade – Week of March 22, 2021

A Weekly List of Links and Resources Especially for Pastors

I hope you had a good weekend. In our church we are seeing more people coming back to in-person worship. I hope the same is true where you are ministering.

Here is some recommended reading:

Peter Mead writes about sermon preparation and how some sermons take longer to prepare.

This is another helpful article from Tim Reigle on dealing with sin in general and porn addiction in particular. He also writes this about restoring trust after porn addiction.

Peter Krol writes: One common challenge in Bible study is figuring out how much text to study. Whether it’s for personal study, small group discussion, or a sermon selection, students of the Bible have a number of things working against them in making this choice. Here’s some help.

This is a really good article by Kaden Classen on why our people need to be taught theology. Make sure you read this one.

The late R.C. Sproul briefly and clearly defines the Gospel. Anyone who preaches or teaches should be sure to review their understanding of the Gospel message from time to time.

Leaving a congregation is not easy for pastors. At least most of the time. Mike Ayers suggests 4 Things to Consider in a Transition From Your Church.

Probably the most needed article in this list is Jonathan Leeman’s discussion of helping our church do good on social media.

Trevin Wax writes a provocative and somewhat troubling article on the state of churches and denominations that identify themselves as Evangelical.

I’ve said before that I wish Kevin DeYoung blogged more often. Here’s a great reason why he should.

Timothy Paul Jones asks the question, “Should Pastors Preach for Conversions?”

Jeff Mingee writes to pastors about their online presence.

Here’s an article by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra suggesting permanent changes that will come to the church because of COVID.

What do you do when small group members are reluctant to participate? Ryan Higgenbottom has some guidance.

Peter Krol discusses training young people to feed themselves with God’s Word.

Not much shocks me anymore, but some things make me sad. The mess with Ravi Zacharias is one of them.

Ok. Here are a couple of productivity articles. Here’s one on organizing your desk.. Here’s one on making an effective to-do list. Here’s one on doing a brain dump. And no, that’s not what you do to your wife after you preach. And finally, here’s one on managing your tasks. Note: Several of these articles are on Medium, an article hosting website that costs $6 a month to use. They do allow you to read several articles before telling you that you need to pay up. I subscribed to it for about two months. I think it’s one of those services to maybe pop in and out of every 5-6 months. Also, because they are secular sources, they might contain the occasional naughty word that I missed. Use of inappropriate words is obviously not condoned on this blog.

Author: Peter Bogert

Married to Laura, with three adult children, 7 grandchildren. I’m an avid baseball fan, and I enjoy listening to audiobooks about military history, and reading Theology. I was ordained a Baptist pastor and served two churches over a 41 year period. After a three year hiatus I'm glad to be serving at Calvary Bible Fellowship Church in Coopersburg, PA. And I’m glad you stopped by!

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