An End of the Week Vent

I had the best of intentions of doing my usual blogging on Monday and Friday of this past week, but some other things required my attention. I am preaching this Sunday from Daniel 8, had a good number of pastoral care responsibilities to take care of, and am preparing for a short trip to visit my parents for a few days next week.

If you are an American, you may feel a bit like the photo above. Too many signals in and out.

After reading some political posts I’m a bit irked. I have great appreciation for godly men who share their thoughts with us. However, I have a growing concern that the words of people who write books and have megachurches mean way more than the words of local pastors. One article in particular that was thoughtful, passionate, and yet an absolute train-wreck when it came to making a logical argument bothered me in particular. And it was not so much the conclusion reached as it was the fact that a man who will never meet the people I help shepherd can reach into the life of a congregation and have incredible influence.

Hey look, when I write original content, I share opinion. This is opinion. But I’m about as well-known as the name of the guy working in the kitchen at the local McDonalds, so my influence is rather limited. But if people have questions, I would love to see them ask their pastors for help rather than simply tune in to a Christian talking head, assuming that their pastor probably is clueless.

I don’t propose to have an answer. In fact I’ll keep reading these good men and sharing their good articles with you. But folks, they are not perfect, and they are not necessarily authorities on issues they tackle. So read, discern, and think on your own, whether it comes from lil old me or a guy with 5 PhD’s.

Have a good week!

Author: Peter Bogert

Married to Laura, with three adult children, 7 grandchildren. I’m an avid baseball fan, and I enjoy listening to audiobooks about military history, and reading Theology. I was ordained a Baptist pastor and served two churches over a 41 year period. After a three year hiatus I'm glad to be serving at Calvary Bible Fellowship Church in Coopersburg, PA. And I’m glad you stopped by!

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