Tools of the Trade For the Week of September 7, 2020

For those of you in the US, I hope you have a good Labor Day. There are small hints of fall here in mid/southeast Pennsylvania and I’m looking forward to saying adios to the heat and humidity.

As is typical for Mondays, what follows are links to good reading that you should keep (Evernote!!!) and share with other leaders and your people. I hope you find something useful.

My only preaching experience in the last couple of years was recorded on a weekday for use the following weekend. However I’ll be preaching twice in our upcoming series on Daniel. Those of you who preach to both a live congregation and a camera will want to look at this article that describes preaching to both situations.

David Qaoud gives some solid answers to the question of what young pastors should be doing during their first year of ministry.

I was ordained in a Baptist church and the Bible Fellowship Church in which I now serve has credobaptist convictions. The discussion of credobaptism and paedobaptism is worth studying, and Timothy Paul Jones helps by looking back into church history. (Note: Jones teaches at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

The current political climate here in the US is having an impact on how Christians relate to each other. Here’s an article worth reading. These next weeks are going to be rough terrain.

Luke Holmes asks if we are driving home the right sermon points.

Trevin Wax interviews Chris Martin on the negative effects of social media. Wait! There are negative effects of social media?? Who would have thought?

Kathleen Nielson explains why doctrine is so important. This is one to share.

Noted scholar Wayne Grudem writes a helpful article on the much mysticized subject of the will of God.

Most of you are probably already doing most of these, but if you’re looking for help on keeping your church “connected” during the pandemic, Tod Tanner has three suggestions.

“Overworked Pastors Make This Critical Mistake.” If the pandemic – or pastoral life in general – has left you weary, please read.

H.B. Charles, known for both his preaching and his teaching of preaching, writes about sermon outlines.

Last, Crossway has provided links to several infographics. Some good stuff here.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be back on Friday (and possibly in-between). Thanks for reading!!

Author: Peter Bogert

Married to Laura, with three adult children, 7 grandchildren. I’m an avid baseball fan, and I enjoy listening to audiobooks about military history, and reading Theology. I was ordained a Baptist pastor and served two churches over a 41 year period. After a three year hiatus I'm glad to be serving at Calvary Bible Fellowship Church in Coopersburg, PA. And I’m glad you stopped by!

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