How I Use Evernote

Evernote has been around for a long time, at least in internet years. I’ve been using it for well over a decade as a way of keeping notes and articles I’ve come across in my reading.

Evernote is cross-platform, meaning you can use it on a Mac or a PC. It is both a web-based service and a program you can download. Android? IOS? There’s an app for that.

Using the search term “Using Evernote” produced over 17 million links. Some people are making a living off of teaching people to use the various tips and tricks that make Evernote a powerful Repository of All Information. Me, I’ve explored some of these processes and while the can be helpful, I don’t want something that becomes cumbersome. So in answering the question my friend Tim Smith posed in the comments last week, let me describe how I use the program.

First, to use it effectively you need to have the program. Go to the above link and sign up for an account. It is free. If you want more bells and whistles, or are saving everything you read, you may need to pay a subscription fee (which is 40% off as of this writing). But for most people the free service is just fine. You will also want to download the Evernote Web Clipper that is appropriate for the browser(s) that you use. You can find it online or where you normally get browser web extensions.

Evernote allows you to create notebooks. You can have as many or as few as you like. Inside the notebooks are “notes,” which might be notes you’ve written, pictures of receipts, PDF documents, or articles you’ve clipped from blogs like this.

When I find an article I want to save, I use the web clipper app in my browser. I like my “notes” to be saved without all the eye candy that can often be found on a website, so my web clipper settings are as follows:

If you notice, I have chosen Simplified Article and I’ve also selected a notebook for the note to be saved to, in this case “- Tools of the Trade.” If you use a dash before the name of the notebook, it keeps that particular notebook near the top of your notebook list. Here’s a picture of my own list of notebooks.

I need to say, though, that you should pay no attention to my list. At the present time those notebooks are simply placeholders. All of the notebooks from Christian through Ministry – Uncategoriezed are currently empty. The others are related to personal info or hobby interests. The reason they are empty is that at some point I want to redesign how I store my articles. However, in the meantime, having 2000 articles in one big holding tank is just fine, because Evernote has a very powerful search function. I can type in a word and every article that contains that word will be listed for me. And frankly, that’s pretty much all I need.

Some people use key words to tag their articles so they can do more refined searches. Others do what I am in the process of doing, filing the articles/notes in special subject folders/notebooks. While filing with more detail does allow you to perform more sophisticated search functions, you may find that having a general “dump” notebook is just fine.

So that, Tim, is how I use Evernote. Hardly sophisticated, and likely to be viewed with scorn by aficionados. I simply want a way to find articles that relate to different topics and right now the general “Inbox” work fine. When I get around to deciding on a set of more specific notebook topics, I’ll have to go through 2000 notes and figure out which one goes where. So it’s obviously easier to categorize at the start rather than waiting until you have hundreds of notes. But my system works for me, and at some point I’ll do a bit of re-filing here and there to put them into more specific folders like the “Ministry” ones I have listed.

If you have questions, post them in the comments section (see the top of the blog page) or email me at and I’ll be happy to answer. Meanwhile, start keeping those articles that you think might come in handy to use in your study or to to share! I hope this has been helpful!

Author: Peter Bogert

Married to Laura, with three adult children, 7 grandchildren. I’m an avid baseball fan, and I enjoy listening to audiobooks about military history, and reading Theology. I was ordained a Baptist pastor and served two churches over a 41 year period. After a three year hiatus I'm glad to be serving at Calvary Bible Fellowship Church in Coopersburg, PA. And I’m glad you stopped by!

5 thoughts on “How I Use Evernote”

  1. Peter thank you so much! I am a (new but not so young!) pastor in Australia and have been struggling for the last two years to know how to organise and find when required all the great material you and others share. This is the answer! Thank you


  2. Recently we used Evernote app as we collaborate in translating Coronavirus and Christ in Filipino language. Very useful specifically for a tranlation team that we all remote and one is living in Thailand…


    1. It’s a very powerful tool, Nitoy. My use of it is really basic, but I can see how it would be a great collaborative tool. Thanks for your comment. It might make people who work as a team aware of a resource they weren’t aware of.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Welcome. Thanks for this post that reminds us tools that folks might have miss out or forgotten already 😊😊😊


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