Tools of the Trade For the Week of June 15, 2020

I hope you had a good weekend. It seems like many churches have re-opened and that it will happen very soon for others.

This was supposed to be Monday’s post but life got a bit busy over the last few days. So without further delay, here are some links to good reading for this week.

David Mathis writes, “Leadership has fallen on hard times. As a society, we are suspicious of our leaders, often assuming they will use their power for selfish gain, rather than our good. That makes these fearful days for taking and holding office, not just in business and politics, but also in the church.” You need to keep reading.

Regardless of your position on divorce and remarriage, when someone like Wayne Grudem shifts his view, it’s worth find out why.

In many parts of the US (and possibly the world), kids are experiencing a summer vacation that began 3 months early. Here’s an article to share with parents on how to pray for their kids this summer.

We all have our theological biases and some are held very tightly. There’s nothing wrong with that, though this article rightly encourages humility in how we hold our views.

Winston Smith reminds us that “In Ministry, Joy and Sorrow Don’t Cancel Each Other Out.”

My friend Cynthia writes about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Special Needs community. This is one to read for yourself as well as share with parents who have special needs kids.

I don’t know about you, but I’m troubled by the number of churches that seem to lack humility in their self-promotion. Being the Next Big Thing isn’t part of the Great Commission. Is it possible that pastoral ambition is at the root of some of the claims made about uniqueness and mission?

Having a spiritual mentor is a treasure, and this article speaks to the question of what kind of person best fits that role.

Here’s an article to share with the leaders of your women’s ministry and/or the older women in your church. It’s about discipling younger women and it’s worth the read! In that same vein here’s a podcast by Melissa Kruger on pursuing meaningful mentoring relationships.

Peter Mead writes about preaching, and this article explores the consequences of preaching that is “Bible-lite.”

This article addresses a topic that we probably all have or will wrestled with: “When It Seems Your Life is Going Nowhere.”

The hardest topic to preach about, at least in my opinion, is how a church relates to the pastor. You should just leave copies of this article laying around the church. Hopefully someone will read it and encourage you. 🙂

We need to be reminded that normal is good.

The US Supreme Court made a very significant decision this week and author Joe Carter explores the implications for churches. You need to read this article and share it with your staff and other church leaders.

The Gospel Coalition is promoting some helpful resources for our churches. Read about them here.

I’ll have more links on Monday. I hope something here is helpful to you and your ministry!

Author: Peter Bogert

Married to Laura, with three adult children, 7 grandchildren. I’m an avid baseball fan, and I enjoy listening to audiobooks about military history, and reading Theology. I was ordained a Baptist pastor and served two churches over a 41 year period. After a three year hiatus I'm glad to be serving at Calvary Bible Fellowship Church in Coopersburg, PA. And I’m glad you stopped by!

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